Friday, August 6, 2010

Confessions of polish addicts...

Addictions are dangerous. Some because you're too drunk to notice your family has left you, or you've taken too many crazy pills and never wake up to realize it. Our addiction? Nail polish - Dangerous to our wallets. You can never have too many shades of pink (or for Stef, white), too many konad plates, or too many ikea cases to hold everything you bought after your 17th trip to beauty zone. No matter how many bottles of nail polish we already own, its never too much to buy a few more.

My girls & I have a new weekly tradition - Konad Nights. We eat, we polish, we share - My inspiration for this blog. Through this blog I will share the joy we share with each other each week. We love to eat, and thanks to Steph & Sha, we always have something yummy to eat. We love our polish, and collectively, I believe we have over 150 bottles. But most importantly, we love each other, and we use this time not only to polish and relenquish our addictions, but to bond, laugh, and remind ourselves why our friendship has lasted almost 15 years. So sit down, have a glass of wine (which we also love) and join us for our weekly adventures. More to come...

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  1. Hi,
    I'm following. I just found your blog.
    Will you be posting manicure/konad photos?